296 High Street, Smethwick

Birmingham, B66 3NL

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  • 18-10-2019 4:13:28 PM
    Madhavan J Kumar
    Good and easy service
  • 12-10-2019 5:17:55 PM
  • 09-10-2019 5:36:06 PM
    Stephen Khakh
    Great food as always great service red cow best in smethwick
  • 11-09-2019 7:54:20 PM
    Great food ,exellent service ... Compliments to the chef
  • 30-08-2019 5:21:40 PM
    Trevor Chatwin
    Excellent spicy food, delivered quick and with a smile....My only complaint is the price of the pappadoms at ?1.25 each far too expensive should be more like 60p each.
  • 20-08-2019 9:55:57 PM
    Talwinder Khera
    Wings and Lamb chops slightly cold but the Lamb Saag was unbelievable if Carlsberg did Lamb Saag probably no definitely the best I have had.
  • 28-07-2019 4:45:39 PM
    Nishan Singh
    Good Quality Best Indian Food
  • 21-06-2019 4:51:27 PM
    christopher m edwards
    good service
  • 22-03-2019 8:10:44 PM
    Richard Sharma
    The best Indian food in Birmingham, no contest. Simply amazing.
  • 14-02-2019 8:00:51 PM
    Red Cow you were awsome with your food. What's gone wrong? Some issues with today's food - 1 - food cam late and it was COLD! 2 - talk about tasteless! Even the mint sauce had no taste. Highly disappointed. Complete waste of money. Will not be ordering again. All the best for the future. I hope you resolve your issues and return back to the old taste and service.
  • 03-01-2019 8:44:58 PM
    Daniel Sweet
    Phenomenal! I was sceptical about ordering but it was unreal. The portion sizes of the mixed grills are massive, not only that the food itself is gorgeous, everything lightly charred and the chicken is so tender. Butter chicken curry was amazing, creamy and full of flavour. The chefs cooked up one amazing and huge meal and it's definitely our favourite for curry and grill takeaway from now on!
  • 27-12-2018 12:34:44 PM
    2nd time ordering / delicious and the delivery service out of this world - if they gonna be late they will phone and deliver on time --- SPOT ON??????????
  • 23-12-2018 9:58:41 AM
    The food was brill and delivered hot the delivery service bang on just as good if your right there supper the food quality 10 out of 10 - supper definitely ordering again
  • 16-11-2018 9:25:55 PM
    Ranbir Singh
    Good food
  • 13-11-2018 1:05:56 PM
    ordered for the first time last week and must say the best Indian food I have had for a while. The qty is good and price is nominal. Brilliant
  • 10-11-2018 6:48:00 PM
    The best mix grill around!
  • 12-10-2018 7:01:18 PM
    Ranbir Singh
    Lovely food as usual and delivered bang on time
  • 07-10-2018 3:20:27 PM
    Food brilliant. Service brilliant ??????????
  • 21-09-2018 7:25:53 PM
    Talwinder Khera
    Good food delivered on time and would highly recommend, never had any problems ordered quite a few times.
  • 12-08-2018 1:50:27 PM
    Red Cow makes best Indian food. I love the place
  • 11-08-2018 5:53:28 PM
    lovely food as usual and delivered bang on time
  • 08-08-2018 5:14:47 PM
    Pete singh
    Good process for first time use
  • 05-08-2018 5:26:42 PM
    Easy to ordet
  • 04-08-2018 6:00:32 PM
    Quick to use
  • 04-08-2018 3:56:17 PM
    Very good
  • 02-08-2018 4:37:06 PM
    Quick enough process.
  • 27-07-2018 9:07:53 PM
    Ranjit singh
    Food was fantastic and delivered hot all the family enjoyed it
  • 19-07-2018 3:16:22 PM
    Brilliant service....delivered on time
  • 13-07-2018 2:25:07 PM
  • 19-04-2018 9:14:30 AM
    Great Food topped up with GREAT service!!!